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Djbaap is a one stop shop for the downloading aficionados. This is one of the oldest sites that you can find on the internet, so it’s no surprise that it’s got a massive collection of audio and video tracks for users to peruse. It also has a number of categories to choose from, such as the music industry, the best of the best, and the hottest albums of the year. The site is also home to a good selection of free mp3 downloads.

As you might expect, Djbaap isn’t the only song leaking site in town. Some other notable ones include Napster and Soundcloud. However, Djbaap does have its own merits. In particular, it helps online fans and followers to download songs for free without the need for a desktop computer or laptop. Plus, it has an unrivaled library of Punjabi and Bollywood tracks, in addition to a smattering of Hindi and English songs.

Djbaap isn’t exactly the sexiest of all the music sites on the web, but it does have its own virtues. For one, it’s one of the oldest sites to offer free mp3 downloads. Secondly, the site is ad-supported, allowing it to serve up millions of visitors to its website every month. While the service does have its share of downfalls, it does offer a slew of free downloads, a la carte, and a few premium offerings. Lastly, the company also makes it easier for people to discover and play the songs they like by giving them a free, personalized playlist. Aside from the music site, the company offers an assortment of other services, including a dedicated chatroom for fans to talk music.

The site’s most recent venture is DJ Punjab. Among other things, this site boasts of the aforementioned ‘one-stop shop’ for downloading Punjabi and Bollywood tracks, which in turn paves the way for a new age of fans to delve into the site’s archives for a freebie or two.

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