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5 Ways to Spruce Your Home with a Floor Lamp

A well-lit space brightens up your home, literally and figuratively. There is no right or wrong way of lighting a room, but the lighting décor plays a role in setting the ambience. A floor lamp is a way to go if you want to add charm to your space. It lights your house, reflects your personality, and brings you comfort.

Transforming Your Space with Standard Lamps

There are various ways to transform your living space using standard lamps. The best part about these lamps is that you can place them anywhere, according to your preference and style. Against a matching wallpaper, in the corner, next to your bed, in the living room, or on the balcony—standard lamps make the ideal home décor accessory. From retro layouts to modern houses, they suit every design.

Light Up the Corners and Hallways

Unless you find pitch darkness comfortable during the night, standard lamps can keep your house accompanied while you sleep. Keeping tube lights on an entire night is not economically or environmentally feasible, but standard lamps are. Placing one in dark corners will illuminate your home’s hallway without disturbing your life or consuming too much energy! Alternatively, standard lamps add just the right amount of spark if you want to light up a room with ceiling lights.

Minimalism is Trendy

If you stay up-to-date with the trends, you will know minimalistic designs are the talk of the town. An essential part of modern design is sleek accessories like standard lamps. You can place elegant lamps with slim footings and sleek and shiny bars to make the décor look contemporary and comforting without overdoing it.

Conventional Route

Standard lamps offer the perfect retro look if traditional designs are more your style. For instance, beige tapered lampshades make the room look regal and timeless. You can also place one on silk or velvet carpets to transport yourself to the 19th century. Who needs a time travelling machine when you have standard lamps?

Build a Reading Nook

Book lovers love having a comfortable and cosy space for a pleasant reading time. If you enjoy reading bundles up under your quilt, you can keep a floor lamp beside your bed. A dark room emitting a soft light from the lamp creates the perfect ambience for reading. Alternatively, you can line two couches together comfortably with the lamp in the centre if you prefer reading by the windowsill.

Furthermore, if the sight of wires and cables distracts you, the couches will hide them. Standard lamps also give the best light for reading. If you enjoy dim and coloured lighting, such as dull blue, you can pick an ambient lamp. Low-shade lamps are ideal for those who prefer direct light on the pages for better visibility.

Mix and Match

Standard lamps are excellent for aesthetic purposes. You can match the standard lamps with other furniture pieces to give the room a rounded and cohesive structure. For instance, you can pick lamps with purple lighting if your room has blue wallpaper. You can also choose a circle lamp base if the table on which you want to place it is circular.

Wrapping Up

A floor lamp is an essential piece in solving the home décor puzzle. It is an all-in-one package, from putting in the corner to accentuating the rest of the accessories. When buying a lamp, think about your living space and the lamp’s function. You wouldn’t want a reading lamp in the kitchen, so make sure the lamp you choose is qualified for the job!

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