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Whether you’re looking for a personal or business solution, Microsoft Office 365 subscriptions are the way to go. They provide a range of benefits including cloud storage, collaboration products, and document management. These subscriptions also offer additional features, such as access to Microsoft Answer Desk, which is a live chat service to help you resolve technical issues. There are eleven subscription tiers available, with different offerings and benefits.

One of the features of Microsoft 365 is the ability to share a subscription with up to five people. This is a great way to share the benefits of Microsoft Office with family or friends, and allows you to sign in to Office on as many devices as you like. The subscription comes with OneDrive, which allows you to save documents to the cloud and access them from anywhere. You can also install Office on as many PCs or Macs as you like.

When you start sharing your Microsoft 365 subscription, you can view the people that are sharing with you, and see what they are using the subscription for. You can also delete invitations, and check the status of your invitations. However, you cannot edit or create new Office files if you stop sharing.

As well as the benefits of the Microsoft 365 subscription, the new feature combines workplace chat, meetings, and attachments into one place, called Microsoft Teams. This online platform enables you to create, manage, and schedule meetings. You can also add notes and attach files to meetings.

Aside from the new features, there are many other reasons to choose Microsoft Office 365 subscriptions. For example, you can install Office on up to five PCs or Macs. You can also install Office on up to five tablets. You can also take advantage of the extra storage space available with Microsoft 365. You can also get extra features on Android devices. This is great for businesses with a diverse number of users.

You’ll also find that the Office 365 subscriptions are hosted in European data centers, which helps protect your privacy and ensures that you can stay connected with colleagues, friends, and family all over the world. Microsoft Office 365 subscriptions also provide 60 minutes of Skype calling a month. You can also access the new Outlook and OneNote features. This means that you can check your emails, create and save documents, and communicate with colleagues anywhere, anytime.

As well as all the new features, you’ll also find that Microsoft 365 subscriptions offer the latest versions of the Office apps. This includes Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. The subscription also includes Publisher, and OneNote. You’ll also get access to Office’s latest features, such as OneDrive for cloud-based document storage, and Microsoft Teams for workplace chat.

Another great feature of Office 365 subscriptions is the extra storage space available on OneDrive. You can save up to five gigabytes of documents to your cloud storage account. As soon as you reach this limit, you’ll need to purchase extra storage.

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