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What Does Night Symbolize?

What does night symbolize? In the Bible, it can signify a loss of faith, and darkness has many unfavorable meanings. However, the Bible also demonstrates that night is not always an indication of evil. This article will focus on night’s symbolic meaning. It has many positive meanings, too. The moon symbolizes the feminine energy. Elise Wiesel’s Night uses night symbolism to describe her experiences in the concentration camps, as well as the importance of her father/son bond.

In fairy tales, night is often a symbol of death. In Shakespeare’s Hamlet, the ghost of King Hamlet appears during the night, and the book’s plot begins at night. This setting creates tension for the audience and gives night a symbolic meaning. It also has an important role in fairy tales, as vampires and witches can loosen their chains after midnight. It’s not always clear what this symbolism means in our modern culture.

As for religious themes, Night takes advantage of the lack of allusion to God in the text. Eliezer, a Jewish novelist, believes that humanity will be unable to progress without God. In other words, the absence of God in our society would rob the twentieth century of progress in human relations. Even Wiesel is confronted with a metaphoric night at the age of 58. He finds no respite in the struggle against nightfall.

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